You might not have heard for the cute and sexy Arya Fae yet but that’s no biggie. She’s fresh in the business and people are only starting to get familiar with her. Fae’s Twitter being quite silent, I admit it, it was hard getting this tenner done but I did my best. To be honest, I couldn’t just skip to the next one and leave it for sometime in the future. If nothing else, it will help you get to know this new porn star a little better. Not to mention, she just recently filmed her first ever anal scene for Tushy with Markus Dupree. You know you don’t want to miss this one. Her ass filled with a nice, hard shaft makes her look even cutter as she already is.
Speaking of cuteness, man, I need to repeat myself, Arya Fae is cute AF. Especially when she takes all natural, no make up photos of herself in the morning (you’ll see what I am talking about). This combined with a handsome stud would make world start to melt.

10 from Twitter about Arya Fae:

1. Arya digs H&M’s lingerie department and later tries out new pieces for you guys. I believe there is no single piece of clothing on this whole wide world that does not look good on Fae.
2. Maybe you did not know it yet, but naked hula hopping is her favorite.
3. As of late Arya Fae has been making personal and signed polaroids. In case you are interested in owning one, DM her and maybe you’ll be one of the luckiest who will also receive her panties as a gift.
4. “I really really want to do a naked fetish aerial shoot. I do aerial arts, so it would be super sexy!”
5. When she GIFs herself being seductive, it looks something like this:

6. Waking up to fresh, self shot morning photos of Arya Fae may happen every now and then. You better go follow her so you don’t miss it in the future.

7. Say whatever you want but this chick knows what’s up. She treats the world right and this is how she does it, sweet and sultry:

8. I don’t know about you but with a view like that, every trip is lovely.
9. FYI: Arya Fae has a thing for getting all dressed up and feeling classy. No complaints.
10. Since Fae is a fresh girl in the adult entertainment business, she wants to start making her own videos when she’s at home. This said, she asks you what you want to see. Ain’t she just the best? Now go, tweet her what you wanna see her doing on camera.

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