On International Women’s Day we feed ourselves with Penny Pax’s Twitter profile.

Digging deep into pornstars’ lives is fun because you may learn stuff you don’t see/hear anywhere else. One way of doing it is to stalk their social media profiles. It’s Twitter that’s my favorite and one of not many SM platforms that still allows nudity, porn and whatnots. Let’s cross fingers they will never stop supporting porn. Cutting out pornography completely, I am sure their monthly active users number would decrease drastically. Just DO NOT DO IT Twitter!
Anyway, we are not here to talk about tech and stuff. We are here about adorable redhead mistress, Penny Pax. Today we investigate her Twitter profile to see what she is up to, what wise words she is hammering and how well is she entertaining her bellowed followers.
Penny sure is a keeper (if adult entertainment industry is her partner). Even if she had some issues with industry’s peeps, I hope she will never leave us. Being a hard worker and giving each scene all her effort (plus 10% more), Pax serves us only with high quality stuff. If not through industry’s major companies, then she entertains the world with her own stuff via her official, PennyPaxxx.com, website.
Do yourself a favor today, on this lovely International Women’s Day, and follow this award winning babe, Penny Pax, on Twitter for all the fun. As a matter of fact, go on Twitter, take one hour off and reach out to all your favorite ladies!

10 from Twitter about Penny Pax

1. Negativity will not take you far in the PP community. “Say just one negative thing to me on Twitter and BAM you’re blocked. It’s that easy!” And a stupid comment will get you blocked as well. Be smart, my friends.
2. For any further discussion about her signed products and stuff, contact Penny at PennyPaxPlayhouse@gmail.com. Show her your love.
3. “Would you watch a reality show about pornstar’s daily life on & off set?” Yes, YES OF COURSE!
4. “Quite possibly my favorite photo of myself ever! I feel like my body is finally starting to look more toned.”
5. When asked if swallow blowbang is not her thing, why there are no videos of her doing it: “I love cum… just never been booked for it.”
6. “If you don’t do anal I can’t be friends with you.”
7. To bring it to the next level when rolling blunts, Penny is all about 24k gold rolling papers. THAT’S WHAT’S UP!
8. Guys and girls, “I’m not brunette! Still a ginger.”
9. In response to Cadence Lux’s, “I’m a huge piss slut,” Penny Pax got super interested. Maybe there’s going to be dropping a fine scene for the piss fetish peeps. Keep your eyes peeled.
10. “I don’t believe in much, but I do believe that Karma is a bitch. So be nice to everyone, there’s not enough life time to hold grudges.”

P.S. For more quality time spend online, follow Pax on Instagram as well.