Here she is again, the sweetest slut around, Cadence Lux. A few weeks back Cadence was our Woman Crush Wednesday and if you remember anything from our post, you probably already put your lady on a leash since you became frightened Lux may seduce her and steal her from you. Believe me, she is good at what she does so watch out! And boy, Cadence sure does love girls.
Anyway, today we dig deep, deep in the mysterious depths of Cadence Lux’s Twitter. If there’s one thing I got from scrolling through thousands of tweets and re-tweets, I got excited. I seriously did and it’s just now when I am slowly cooling down. Why?, you may ask. Because of all the ridiculously sexy girl-girl teasing material she posts up there. It kinda gets you aroused especially if you’re a simple man like myself. Nothing wrong with that!

“To be honest, I think about sex more than anything else.”- Cadence Lux

What’s exceptionally awesome about Cadence is that she really takes good care of her followers. Not only is she constantly posting some naughty material, she also responds to fans’ tweets quite often.

10 from Twitter about Cadence Lux

1. “I’ve been told twice this week I have the face of a fashion model and I’m not close to mad at that compliment.”
2. Cadence wonders if it’s time for her to quit porn and get her body completely covered in tattoos. OF COURSE NOT, you silly!
3. Did you know Lux gets bruised super easy? Don’t bite her ass (unless you have some arnica gel with you)!
4. Talking about kids: “I go so back and forth with the idea of kids. I’d be the sickest mom ever but also its cool not having a mini me to worry about.”
5. Time for some hype for the future: “I’m a badass performer and it’ll show through my scenes and what I have in store coming up.” We are looking forward to all of them, babe.
6. You know who Cadence Lux finds so beautiful it hurts? Kurt Cobain.
7. In case you missed it last time, pegging happens to be one of Cadence’s favorite things to do as a domme.
8. Lux seriously has a thing for Asian men: “Wanna bang 3/4 of the Asian men that work at my nail salon.”
9. Anal gets you all excited, doesn’t it? Here’s the thing, all the anal queens really motivate Cadence Lux and give her hope that someday she will take cock in her ass. She said WILL! Plus, “I only want to start doing anal, so that I can do DP’s, so that I can do ALL THE GANGBANGS.” Now you’re talking.
10. For everyone interested (I know you are!), Lux needs a submissive little kitten who she can use and play with.
All of you who still aren’t part of Cadence Lux’s social media wilderness, follow her on both Instagram and Twitter and say what’s up. Plus subscribe to Cadence’s PornTube profile for all the dirty flicks.