I admit it, it’s hard to pick some good stuff from a Twitter profile sometimes, only because there aren’t many tweets and they are, more or less, re-tweets. That’s not the case when it comes to gorgeous blonde babe Jenna Ivory. The Penthouse Pet, AVN and XBIZ nominee, human rights activist, motivational speaker, feature dancer, you name it. This chick keeps her fans heavily entertained, what made me face with another issue – tweeting so much, it was hard to decide what should I go with. I somehow managed to fight through it and came up with this year’s 10 things, facts and whatnots from Jenna’s twitosphere. It was fun, I tell you!
Stunning, peroxide blonde adult actress, Jenna Ivory, grew up in Tacoma, Washington in foster care up until 18 years old. She lost her virginity at the age of 16 and it wasn’t for the fact that she was growing up in foster care why she decided to pursued porn career. As a mater of fact, she was quite a tomboy, very athletic and good at grades before porn. Moving a lot and living with an extended family for a while, it was tough for Jenna. Then one day, Ideal hit her up on Facebook, asking if she’d be interested in adult entertainment industry, and she went for it. Just like that. All I will say is, we are happy to have you on board, Ivory!
To keep that booty and body in shape, she must be working out a lot, you may think and you are correct. What I noticed is that Jenna Ivory does train her body regularly, as well as eats quite healthy. Not to mention, she is constantly trying out new foods, especially fruits. The kind I cannot get my hands on. I envy you that!

“I’m not a bad bitch… I’m a beautiful woman.”- Jenna Ivory

Jenna is still relatively fresh to the porn industry – in for about 2 years – but she’s done a lot of stuff already. She shot her first anal scene early 2015 with – wait for it – Danny D! I know right, that dude is monstrous. Moreover, she did some nice interracial gangbangs, you might wanna check out in case you have not already.
Anyhow, I highly suggest you to go and follow Jenna Ivory’s Twitter and get a better look at her private life. As mentioned earlier, she does tweet a lot, what means, there’s always some reading material one receives, if he/she follows her. Get involved people!

1. February being official Black History Month, this is what Jenna has to say: “For as long as you are black you are historic. You do not need a single month. You exist for a lifetime.”
2. It’s official, Jenna Ivory likes girls more than she likes guys.
3. Being proud of herself: “I’m proud of myself. From being on the run from U.S. Marshall’s, incarcerated facing nearly a lifetime behind bars to where I sit now.” She ads, “I’ve come along way. Started on the concrete now I’m walking red carpets.”
4. Friendly warning for all the 18+ guys: STOP calling Jenna mommy/mother and pretend to be in her uterus. She finds it disgusting and keeps on blocking such folks. Why in the world would you want to be in her uterus?!
5. Growing up, Jenna Ivory didn’t really look up to anyone. She only had people who she didn’t want to be like. To be honest, I never looked at it like that – I like!
6. Any foot fetishists out there? If so, Ivory is selling some worn heels, even some she wore in her scenes. Hit her up!
7. “Only true friend I have in this industry is my damn hitachi… She never lets me down and is always there to comfort me.”
8. Jenna’s new favorite place to fuck is on top of an Aston Martin, overlooking the city lights. I’m getting envious again.
9. Fun fact: “I love financial domination. I love draining wallets and bank accounts. [laughing smiley w/ red cheeks]”
10. “Sometimes I pretend like I’m not Jenna Ivory.. and I watch porn.. But then I run across a familiar face in a scene & I snap back to reality”

I am not sure why it does not work for me (it did the other day), but feel free to give Jenna’s official TheJennaIvory.com website a go yourself.