2016 AVN Best POV winner, 2015 Nightmoves Best Female Performer, cover girl, Miss Exotic Dancer (February, 2016), you name it, Jillian Janson is a girl of many talents. A woman who starts New Year heavy is definitely a woman whose social media is flooded with content. Can’t be more right about that. Jillian is all over Twitter, entertaining her huge following base with her achievements, scenes, shows, pics and any other random daily stuff she is up to. Combine it with Instagram and you’ll become very well familiar with the name Jillian Janson, without even giving her porno a go. NOT that I am encouraging anyone to skip watching her dirty flicks. THAT WOULD BE CRIME! However, I am quite sure you already know about her and her POV, DP, anal and other naughty scenes. Impossible to miss such natural talent.
Jillian is a Minneapolis, Minnesota born (May 23, 1995) who dropped out of school due to being harassed for shooting porn. Sexually active from a young age (13), Jillian Janson got familiar with pornography a couple years after losing virginity (15) and started performing in the adult business at the age of 18. If it wasn’t for webcamming, who knows what Jillian will be doing today. You guessed it, doing webcam shows grabbed attention of an agent who introduced her to the adult entertainment industry.
Janson went against the grain, didn’t listen to her dad and his negativity, pursued porn as her career and the rest was history. Later her father disowned her, however, her mother kept being supportive.

It was a wild ride for Jillian Janson in- and outside porn business so far but she keeps on having a blast, breaking industry’s boundaries.

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10 from Twitter about Jillian Janson

1. Did you know Jillian is on a diet? Not just any diet, a diet that considers wine a fruit. I bet it’s very affective.
2. FYI: Do not email Janson if you think she does privates. “SERIOUSLY.”
3. March isn’t even here yet and Jillian Janson is already having a blast this year. “New house, AVN Award, now on the cover of Penthouse so much to celebrate!” Congrats, babe!
4. As of late, Jillian is learning a lot of crazy stories of herself when she’s drunk. I’d love to hear one. JUST ONE! Pretty please?
5. The Jillian Janson quote of the day: “If I was a man I would want to fuck me too.”
6. Wise words about life: “Who needs a personal assistant when you have Siri?” Truth.
7. Jillian started New Year in style by spending the weekend over at Gold Club Center Fold. And these were her outfits:
8. “The other day I gave a homeless man my unopened water instead of money.” Followed by the “feed the homeless” and “don’t feed their addictions” hash tags. You can learn something today.
9. To everyone who is interested in booking Jillian Janson: “If anyone wants to book me for movies that involve acting I would love to expand my skills, talents, and credits in the acting world!”
10. In case you are wondering: “If shawty ain’t got ass, make sure she has class, but you know you gotta wife her if she has both.” Prepare your rings, guys!