2016 Performer of the Year, 2016 Social Media Star, 2016 Best Double Penetration Scene, you name it, Riley Reid won them all this year at the 2016 AVN Awards. Not only did she make everyone’s mind bend by being on stage more than off stage, that dress she wore sure was a breathtaker. How was one even able to talk to her with a conscious mind?

“Long live porn!”- Riley Reid

But winning all the awards is only icing on a cake. When it comes to Riley, simply said, she sure is unique. With a bright smile constantly glued to her face, it’s impossible to not like her. Such adorable creature. A Fleshlight girl. A cat woman (and dog as well). A huge kush enthusiast. A cook. A business woman. A singer. A writer. We could go on and on about adult film star Riley Reid. She just has so much more in store than being only a pornstar. No wonder why the whole world loves her so damn much. WE LOVE YOU, RILEY!
To get a decent dose of double-R, visit her official, ReidMyLips.com, website, plus both her Instagram and Twitter accounts. Believe me, you will never be left disappointed. Whether it’s a fresh new scene or just some random mundane stuff, Riley is an entertainer your life needs!

10 from Twitter about Riley Reid

1. One of Riley’s best things to do in the morning is read Shel Silverstein poems. And maybe some “wake and bake.” But to even make her leave the bed, coffee and perhaps a donut will do the trick.
2. Quote of the day: “You can take the girl out of the porno but you can never take the porno out of the girl.”
3. To make things clear: “Besides my tattoos this girl stays 100% natural. No hair color, fake nails, lip plumber or eyelash extensions.”
4. In case of considering a new tattoo (or your first one!), Ricky and Morty tattoos turn Riley Reid on! Just saying.
5. Whenever you make a ReidMyLips.com purchase, make sure you tell Riley your birthday month so she can make it extra special for you.
6. A day prior to Valentine’s Day: “Love yourself & those around you every moment of everyday, not because some tradition of a holiday but because you feel it in your heart.”
7. Reid’s tips how to keep a fit body: 1) lots of hot and sweaty sex and 2) eat cum for proteins. There, now you know the big secret.
8. Why you should follow her on Twitter: “Yea but I don’t use Twitter to blast my hardcore porn. I like to share other things that I do for fun & artistically.”
9. By the way, if you haven’t noticed yet, miss Riley Reid is not vegan anymore. YAY!
10. It’s already month 3 of 2016 but still: “I’m not into that whole self reflection new year new me bs. Everyday is a new day & new me trying to better myself from the day before.”

Don’t forget about our growing collection of Riley Reid pornos and keep indulging. There’s never enough of Reid and you know it.