Prostitute Blithe debunks 3 penis size myths.

The good old penis size. It seems there’s at least one new article written on this topic each week. It kinda gets annoying. With so much content about the size of a cock on the world wide web, men get traumatized all the time. Sometimes it is best to not read at all. However, if your dick (and body) is healthy and you are of thick skin, you probably don’t bother much because you feel great about yourself.
Just recently a prostitute, who works at Sheri’s Ranch, busted 3 penis size myths on brothel’s blog. Guys, if one knows about dicks then it’s definitely a sex worker. They are the only one who have tons of experience handling with numerous penises of all shapes and size. Massive, tiny, curved upwards, curved downwards, mushroom-like (head clearly larger than shaft), you name it.
Let’s take a look at 3 penis size myths she debunks.

1. The “ideal” penis size – BUSTED!
Even if some of the online resources try to trick you that “ideal” penis size is a thing, Blithe proves them wrong. She says that a healthy penis, capable of pleasing a woman, is considered ideal for sex.
“Comparing yourself to a statistical average or striving for an ideal will not only give you a false perception of the wonderful diversity of healthy penises, but also impair your ability to see yourself as a valuable individual who uses your unique body to be the best lover your partner ever had.”

2. It’s the size of your penis that dictates how well you can satisfy a woman – BUSTED!
Being owner of a long or thick cock doesn’t automatically make you a good lover. Blithe says, “In my experience what matters most is reading your partner’s body, being sympathetic to her unique needs, and paying attention to what she responds favorably to.” She points out that you should use more than just your penis to please a woman. Use your mouth, fingers and feel free to experiment with toys. It’ also good to know that not many women can achieve orgasm only through vaginal penetration. And don’t forget about the communication.

Get over penis size myths once and for all!

3. Women always chat about the size of your dong – BUSTED!
False! Of course women talk about you after they spent some intimate moments with you, however, it’s normally your performance what they gossip about and not the size of your Johnson. “We are much more interested in hearing about the experience as a whole.” Blithe adds, it’s way more fun to talk about tricks, techniques or used toys than the size.
IMPORTANT: “Honestly, when another woman describes good sex to me she’ll very rarely mention the size or appearance of her partner’s penis. Since we’re not all that concerned about a guy’s penis size, maybe men shouldn’t be as concerned as they are about it either.”
Guys, if words from a skilled and experienced woman does not convince you then I don’t know what will. “It really doesn’t matter what your penis looks like. What matters most is the person attached to the penis.” These 3 penis size myths are all BS!

Key to make a woman orgasm again and again?
Be sensitive to your partner’s needs and take time to discover what turns her on.
Now go to work!