“If you are still using this old stuff, your penis is in prison and 3Fap is your way out.”

After successfully crowdfunding Autoblow 2, raising nearly $300,000, Brian Sloan is back again. His innovative part of the brain is constantly being busy, figuring out how to improve male pleasure products. But he is not all about male sex toys. Brian also successfully brought to the market a 5 in 1 bendable vibrator for ladies called, Slaphappy. Slap happy, fap happy, this dude is all about happiness.
This new project, Brian launched Indiegogo campaign for, is called 3Fap. Why is it called this way? It’s one pleasure toy with three orifices, anal, vaginal and oral. In the future there will be even more options to choose from. For example, three different vulvas, three different anuses and three different mouths. Plus, a variety of combinations. What about Skin Diamond’s, Lisa Ann’s and Eva Lovia’s pussies, 3 in 1?
For now, those who want experiencing multiple types of orifices in one masturbation session, need a separate toy for each. We all know this can be slightly unpractical. This is why 3Fap was made for. To end the boring old way of masturbating. With this dick pleasuring device, user won’t need to change the inner sleeve to be able to stick his dick in three different orifices. One sex toy that covers them all, oral cavity, butt hole and twat. It is impossible even in real life to change holes at such pace.
Furthermore, 3Fap has more to it than just three individual holes. Each has an independently controlled suction. Using dials, you will be able to set the suction level for each orifice. “Try doing that with a real person,” says Brian.
brian sloan with 3fap sex toy
Lastly, Brian Sloan traveled to Germany to personally 3D scan six ladies’ mouths, vaginas and anuses. Scanning company’s employees were a bunch of whips who did not want to do the scans. Meaning, 3Fap is world’s first sex toy that uses 3D scanned orifices. How cool is that?
Brian and his team worked for several months with Real Doll squad to bring the most realistic sleeves for the Autoblow 2. They aim to do the same for this three-hole masturbator. “Sleeves will cost more, but they will literally be works of art.”
To learn more about how Brian’s new invention works, when will it be available and more, visit and back his Indiegogo campaign.

Oh look, 3Fap also has its very own jingle!

“Your monster is cheering for this triumph of engineering. Fap Happier.”