Watching girls with their mouth full is sexy, right? Of course it is. Weather they have their oral cavity stuffed with a nice, meaty cock or they indulge themselves with sweets, it’s all eye candy.
In “Put It In My Mouth” episodes by Wood Rocket, they let pornstars taste foods with sexy name. Like Wiener Nougat. WIENER. NOUGAT. Who even comes up with a silly name for a chocolate sweet treat like that? According to Wikipedia, Finns. To be honest, I thought this is Germans’ work.
FYI: Wiener Nougat is a mixture of sugar, cocoa, cocoa paste and almonds and is sold traditionally around Christmas time.
What happens when you let 10 pornstars taste this mysterious treat? In other words, what happens when you let Vuko, Daisy Monroe, Kylie Kalvetti, Sheridan Love, Leya Falcon, Kayla-Jane Danger, Jenna J Ross, Jeze Belle, Kenzie Taylor and Kassondra Raine suck on a Wiener Nougat?
“It’s definitely soft. It’s kind of like a flaccid dick, I guess,” goes Leya Falcon. Jenna J Ross comments, “Everyone wants a sophisticated wiener.” Wiener Nougat is a winner for Kassondra Raine, “It’s soft and creamy. Yes, this is marvelous, it melts in your mouth.” As well as for Sheridan Love, “I kinda like having Wiener Nougats in my mouth.” However, Vuko isn’t the biggest fan, “I prefer the taste of a wiener to the taste of a Wiener Nougat.”
Whenever you are in Finland or any candy store around the globe that sells Wiener Nougat, by all means, go ahead and have a taste. Wiener in your mouth feels great, at least that’s what majority of pornstars say.
I believe I’ll say it for the very first time in my life: I would like to have a Wiener in my mouth. There, I did it. It’s wasn’t really a tough one since I already put many wieners in my body but never really a chocolate one.