BLACKED First Interracial For Beauty Adria Rae –
Naughty Adria got herself into trouble. While enjoying a few drinks at the party over at friend’s place, she did the stupidest thing possible. Adria sat in her car and drove home. Unfortunately, luck (not that you should count on luck when drinking booze and driving, EVER! – just DON’T DO IT!) wasn’t on her side this night. She got pulled over and received a DUI on the spot.
Without any money to pay the fine, she is stuck, not really knowing what to do next. Will she lose her licence?

Adorable Adria Rae gets herself out of trouble by taking care of attorney’s BBC.

All of a sudden it hits her. Adorable Adria Rae remembers this hot black attorney, Rob Piper, she met at a party a few months back. Maybe he’d be interested in spending some time with her and, hopefully, help her out with the ticket. After all, Rob did leave her his business card, however, she did nothing about it since she was seeing a dude back then. Not anymore.
Putting her seduction skills to use, Adria Rae calls Rob and later meets him over at a glass of champagne. Telling him the whole situation she’s put in, the only thing Mr. Piper can do about is to arrange a discount since the lawyer happens to be his best friend. No discount is Adria Rae there fore. Being completely broke and having other expenses, she can not afford to pay the fine. There must be a way they can work something out.
There sure is! Taking advantage of her slender body and sweet face, Adria Rae seduces attorney, Rob Piper, in no time. Not being able to refuse the way of “payment” she just offered him, Mr. Piper accepts the services Adria is about to provide.
Knowing what will come next, no one would want any money from Adria Rae. She’s good.
Kissing each other’s soft lips and rubbing their warm tongues against each other’s, Rob Piper soon finds himself with an open zipper, rock solid cock and Adria working his long shaft deep inside her mouth. Wearing nothing but sexy white lingerie, Adria Rae performs the sloppiest of them blowjobs. Gagging and deepthroating included! DELISH!
Letting him benefit from her whole slim frame, Rob isn’t all about receiving. He likes giving back, too! Meaning, he dives deep between Rae’s legs and eats her out. Pussy munching warms Adria Rae up and preps her for wild and vigorous fucking and stuffing. Being her first black guy, Adria is about to experience epic sensations. Tightly wrapping around a BBC and getting her pussy fully filled makes Adria scream loud. It’s all pleasure. Fast and vivid penetration gets Adria Rae experience several orgasms until she rides Rob cowgirl style and makes him creampie her muffin.