Blonde girl with smile constantly decorating her pretty face and owner of insane booty, AJ Applegate is our Woman Crush Wednesday. YAY. She is sweet, cute, fun and it seems she is always full of hype. The kind of a girl you know will cheer you up no matter how down and beaten you feel. Especially with that damn beautiful round ass! The best part is, porn version of AJ and non-porn version of AJ are two completely identical personas. Meaning, she is who she is, let it be fucking several dudes, one monster cock, or you happen to run into her on the streets. The kind of a girl we all adore the most.
Blonde porn star AJ Applegate entered adult entertainment industry at the age of 22, back in 2012. She first started performing as Kaylee Evans. AJ later found both Kaylee and Evans are quite popular names and decided to change it to her current name. AJ simply because she is very into unisex names and Applegate because she was often times told that she looks like Christina Applegate (check it out, she really does!).
Award winning porno slut, or how she calls herself, AJ Applegate was born on September 23, 1989 in Massapequa, New York and raised in Connecticut. A single child who grew up in a big family. She was always an outgoing girl, a cheerleader and enjoyed singing a lot.
AJ likes Star Wars (doesn’t it make you an instant fan, if you see the same movie two times?), likes girls with big booties (no surprise), prefers cum either in her mouth (she swallows), or on her face and loves working out and keeping that body in shape.
Applegate first faced with adult entertainment at the age of 19, as a stripper. Later on she expanded her repertoire and began nude modeling and fetish as well. Since she turned 18, she always dreamt of entering porn biz and when the time was right she took the plunge. Her popularity skyrocketed soon after she entered and it keeps on growing. Fun fact: She is a naughty girl since forever, meaning, AJ Applegate started watching porn at the age of 10, but she only lost her virginity at 16. I believe I didn’t even know what pornography is at that age. You good, girl.
It seems AJ has done it all, double vag, double anal, gangbangs, you name it, but you know a girl of her caliber is full of surprises. This said, you never know what comes next and that’s exactly what makes us all crave for more of AJ Applegate’s dirty scenes.
In case you would like to hang out with her, or at least get your favorite AJ DVD signed, don’t miss this year’s AVN Awards. It actually starts today and last all the way to Saturday, January 23. Find her at the Arch Angel booth.

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