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Sexy and petite blonde lass, Alex Grey, does not really get along with her sister very well. Every weekend, when they are left alone, her sister acts so bossy and always brings home her lovers and has loud sex with them. On purpose! Up until one day when Alex has had just about enough of it.
This current man, her sister is dating, Mick Blue, Alex finds super hot. This why, when her sister leaves him alone at their home, Grey goes all in. After all, her sister did said to her, “You know what you need, you need to get laid.” And this was the final straw.
Not really having much time, beautiful Alex Grey goes straight to action. She wakes Mick up and goes down on him immediately. No way he is able to refuse the offer when she reveals her slim and tight body in that striking red lingerie. Getting a taste of him, Mick goes hard in a split of a second. Face fucking him right, sliding her lips up and down his long shaft, Alex makes him slick with her saliva all the way to the base.
Of course Mick doesn’t go straight to penetration and first returns the favor by putting his skilled tongue to use. Making her moist and horny as fuck, Alex Grey wants him inside her badly. He goes deep and starts stuffing her finely while his fingers rub her clitoris for full satisfaction. However, their sexual encounter does not end here.

Petite blonde Alex Grey gets her ass penetrated for the very first time by Mick Blue and it looks mega hot!

When suggesting anal sex, Alex tells him she has not done it yet, still, she would be happy to finally try it out. Especially since Mick is her sister’s man and she finds him hot!
This being said, they do not waste any more time and go to business right away. Mick gently stretches Alex Grey’s anus and she becomes an anal virgin no more. Knowing they do not have much time left, Alex and Mick try and get the most out of it by changing positions until she climbs on top of him and rides him reverse. Pounding her stinky fast, Alex wants him to cum all over her face. A good of a boy as Mick is, he obeys her and unloads his cock cream exactly where she wants it.

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