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This one morning, after staying over at her boyfriend’s place, brunette Amanda Lane wakes up to an empty bed. Jeff left her all alone (not really) at his apartment due to early rush to work. She doesn’t like when he leaves her alone at his place. Only because he lives with a roommate and she barely knows him.
Angry at him, Amanda Lane heads to the kitchen and preps herself a cup of hot java. While warming herself up from the inside out, Jeff’s roommate arrives and starts acting very inappropriately. Having his room right next door, he heard them fucking last night and he knows Jeff did not satisfy her. He (Manuel Ferrara) only wants to help her out with a morning “quickie.”
Not being able to hold her morning horniness back, Amanda Lane takes the opportunity and lets Manuel take things in his own hands. Not for long. She soon finds herself in his room, kneeling down and blowing his fat French cock. She needs to satisfy her horny body and mind and with a cock like Manuel’s, she knows she will reach an epic climax. Stroking, spitting and covering his fat member in saliva, while sliding her tongue up and down the shaft, Lane’s magic is working well on Manuel.
After giving him proper head, it’s Ferrara’s turn to warm Amanda Lane up and get her ready for pussy fucking. Diving in between her butt cheeks, Manuel makes her moan immediately. Moist as a snack cake, he gradually starts penetrating Amanda’s muffin, preparing her for the final step, anal fuck.
Still spooning, Manuel Ferrara lubes his cock with saliva and slowly inserts it inside Amanda Lane’s ass. Now we start talking about the pleasing she did no receive the other night. She is about to experience a nice ass fucking from several positions, only so he ensures every corner of her butthole is filled. Dick rubbing against her anal walls resonates in Amanda’s continuous moaning and groaning.
Taking her pretty ass from behind, Manuel ends Amanda’s first anal fuck by firing her cum in her face.

And that’s what happens if you leave Amanda Lane alone with Manuel. She gets banged in the ass.