Letting comedians feed pornstars dirty lines is more hilarious than you may think.

DROP EVERYTHING! You are about to see one of the funniest things ever. It’s silly and it’s hilarious and it’s going to make you LOL heavily. Don’t forget to catch your breath because death factor is not excluded. Unless you are so tough you can live without breathing for straight up three minutes.

The dirty talk. You can be good at it or you plainly suck and struggle with finding the right words. However, it may be that you just don’t do it and enjoy the sex in silence. Kyle would understand you, “I don’t do dirty talk. I lived at home with my parents late in life so I always watched porn with the sound off. I associate sex with absolute silence or not happening.”
Dirty talk in pornos? Well, we may say it’s pretty much the same – there’s good and there’s bad dirty talk. But what if comedians would talk dirty for pornstars during scene shooting? No need to give it a second thought ’cause you know the outcome would be rollicking. And there’s a video above that proves you right.

Nikki Glaser and Kyle Kinane teamed up for a Not Safe With Nikki Glaser episode where they feed pornstars, Luna Star and Jake Jace, dirty talk lines while they do their thing. And the intro goes like this:
Jake Jace: “Hi.”
Luna Star: “Wow.”
Jake Jace: “This is the part of the porno that everybody fast forwards through, so we can say whatever we want. Obama’s a Muslim.”
Luna Star: “I don’t think that that’s true.”
Jake Jace: “Sorry momentarily distracted.”
Luna Star: “By what?”
Jake Jace: “The wood panelling on these walls. Boobs, it was boobs. People might start playing porno now so we should do sex.”
When eating out pussy: “I’m just gonna lick everything down here and hope it feels good.”

And if you don’t know what to say when you are about to cum, you might borrow the following line: “Get out of here sticky ghost babies.” After all, “tits are their graveyard.”

You get an idea where all this is going to and it gets way better than that.
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