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Since her mother got remarried, curvy Natasha Nice needs to live with her stepbrother, Chris (Xander Corvus). Though he is sort of a brat, they get along just fine. As naughty of a stepsister as Natasha is, she loves to tease him and drive him crazy by wearing seductive outfits. Nice, not really being super nice, likes the idea of being the only girl who he can not get. And boy, does she take advantage of that! This said, curvy Natasha Nice leaves bathroom doors opened when she changes, walks around in skimpy outfits and sits down next to him just to distract him with her big boobs. Not to mention, she even leaves her panties laying around (ON PURPOSE!), because she knows he’s a pervert and would totally sniff them. You can only imagine how hard it must be for Chris to not attack her. I actually don’t even want to imagine me being in his position.

Curvy Natasha Nice gets her asshole penetrated by stepbrother, Chris.

One day, when watching football, Natasha accepts a bet she really should not have. Hey, she started it! Nice doubts in Chris’ game knowledge and bets his brand new BMW M4. He’s not really down for it but when she offers herself for fucking (in every hole!) in case she loses, the bet is ON! Unfortunately (for us fortunately, [winks]), Chris knows way more about the game than she thought.
Needless to say, Chris wins. Their stepbrother-stepsister relationship gets on a way more intimate level the very same afternoon. To make it extra special, curvy Natasha Nice slips into tempting lingerie no one can resit.
And it finally happens. Chris gets what he was craving for all this time, his stepsister, Natasha. However, it’s more or less her fault, teasing him each and every single day with her curvaceous body. NAUGHTY NICE!
Longing for her natural breasts, Chris first gets to play with them. He squeezes them, motorboats them, licks them and sucks them nipples. Offering him to fuck her in every way he wants, Chris first fucks curvy Natasha Nice’s mouth. Then Nice puts her delicious breasts to use and performs a pleasurable boobjob, before Chris goes down on her and eats her bushy pussy.
After doing each other tastefully during foreplay, stuffing Natasha’s other holes begins. Not really rushing it, Chris first takes her spooning in pussy, only to warm her up and make her moist AF.
Being wet and horny, curvy Natasha Nice isn’t really sure, if his big member will fit her anus. Must be due to being über relaxed, Chris’s cock slides inside with ease and makes Nice an anal virgin no more. Moaning of joy and pleasure, Natasha starts to experience epic sensations.
From spooning to giving him more oral pleasure, curvy Natasha Nice climbs on top and starts riding that hard dick reverse cowgirl style. Having him inside her ass all the way to its core, Nice can not believe how much satisfaction penetration of anal walls gives her. It’s mesmerizing!
Giving him one more opportunity to pound her stinky, Natasha goes on all her four so Chris can fuck her butthole doggy style. Banging her with great tempo, Chris gets filled with jizz and unloads it all over Natasha’s curvy body.

Will curvy Natasha Nice continue teasing him after this hot romp?