“eJaculator won’t break your dick off.”

Says founder of the upcoming virtual reality male sex toy aka masturbator, Steven Csanyi. We all know the production of HQ virtual reality porn content is on full whack. This being said, we all believe VR porn is the next big thing of the adult business. We are talking about the type of VR pornography that actually makes you feel like you are part of it. Where quality is as real as it can be, not some lame, poor quality shit.
To bring the VR experience to a whole new level, Steven and his team developed eJaculator. A masturbator that syncs with explicit VR content and makes you enjoy watching it hands-free. That’s right, you relax on the couch or whatever you fancy and just enjoy the almost-real fuck or blow or handjob or anime experience. Yes, there will also be hentai content available in the future.
The idea occurred in mid-2014 when Steven saw the huge technological gap in male sex toy industry. He gathered together a team of six who started prototyping in September, 2014 and just recently launched the eJaculator Indiegogo campaign. Steven said that even if the campaign ends unsuccessfully, they already gained enough capital from investors that will help them bring product to the masses.
Along with the production of the male sex toy itself, team is also working on the content for the sex gadget. Reportedly, XXX content for the eJaculator will be available on tube sites, free of charge. However, for full version you would need to hit up membership kind of websites. Moreover, even if there will be no VR content to get your hands on, Toy’s wireless remote can be used manually. It also has the “random mode” for those who like surprises.
In an interview for Tech In Asia, eJaculator’s digital strategist, CJ Moore, states, “I think VR will take a lot of the market share that is currently held by streaming porn sites.” He also says that virtual reality porn is way more intimate and will kill off a lot of what is currently available on the market.
The whole eJaculator set consists of three parts: the masturbator, the headset and the wireless remote. It is available in two sizes, Mainstream and Holy Shit, plus, it has several different inserts to choose from. They say there might be even some freakish versions like alien. Who wouldn’t like to fuck an alien, right?
Sex sells and we all know it. With this in mind, porn and sex toy businesses are constantly evolving. By syncing XXX virtual reality content with sex toys, users will start experimenting what was once unimaginable for a mere of a few hundred bucks.
However, for those with fat wallets and who want to look really creepy, you might not need VR and go straight to the reality. (Smart) sex dolls may become your real-life fuck buddies.