Bree Daniels and Sienna Milano pair off hot babes –
Mad while talking on the phone to her boyfriend, Bree Daniels tells him he should not worry, she has someone who can lick her pussy anyway. “Go fuck yourself” and she ends the call. Little does he know, it is sexy babe, Sienna Milano, who Bree hangs out with. Pissed and ready to tease him, Sienna has a great idea how to let him know who he thinks she is “fucking right now.” Naughty Sienna knows how to deal with such guys. They decide to send him pictures of them making out. Not only that, nudes as well. Of course this is going to make him mad AF.
During the photo session, Bree Daniels and Sienna Milano find themselves wearing only lingerie, since Sienna can not stop being a dirty girl. This said, teasing and touching Bree makes Milano horny and soon starts to cup her breasts and removes her bra. Not holding herself back at all, Daniels goes with the flow and enjoys the moment to the fullest.
Here’s the catch. Bree has not been with a girl yet, however, she will definitely not miss the opportunity with her great friend Sienna. Experienced as she is, Milano knows exactly how to treat virgins. This time, Bree Daniels. Naked and with her legs wide spread, Bree lies on the red couch, relaxed, and waits for Sienna to please her pussy. It feels great having lady’s tongue on her soft, pink box and delicate fingers penetrating the inside of it. Her pussy lips opened and fingers rubbing her swollen clitoris makes Bree Daniels moan and groan. But this is only the beginning of their hot lesbian encounter.
Warming her up with her skills, Bree also gets a chance to munch on Sienna’s muff. Surprisingly, she does a magnificent job, knowing she never spent naughty moments with a babe before. Playing with her vag, using her pierced tongue, makes love sounds go louder and louder. Bree is a natural at pleasing a nice, juicy and moist muffin.

Pissed Bree Daniels is a lucky girl, having Sienna Milano calming her down and welcoming her to the lesbian world.

All this is only a touch of what is about to come next. There’s a shit load more, like how Sienna pinches Bree’s clit at 15:05, to vibrator action and watching each other masturbate at the same time, to write about but I’ll let you enjoy the scene all by yourself. I just don’t want to spoil it too much for you. Bare in mind, you will get everything your heart desires out of this lesbian “Flashback,” so go on, press play and enjoy. BOOM!