Hot maid Mercedes Carrera does anything to get paid more –
Have you done any early spring cleaning yet? February is here so what are you waiting for? Even better, do not do it yourself, instead, hire a hot Latina maid who will do the dirty work for you. Just like maid Marcedes Carrera does a superb job cleaning this dude’s apartment in the video above. Not only does she have plenty of experience when it comes to making a flat look shiny again, she is also open to offer extra services. A little bit of extra money is always welcome.
But what extra services do we actually talk about? You know, the basics and have hot Latina maid, Marcedes, as a perfect example. Let’s break it down so you won’t be left confused. However, I believe you already guessed it yourself. It’s stuff like, watering grass topless, vacuum cleaning the apartment completely naked and then using secret skills to cleanse the boss.

Nothing better than having a hot Latina maid doing a full clean up of your flat and cock.

Secret skills, what secret skills? Cock cleaning with mouth and later making it dirty again after sticking it inside the twat and covering it in pussy juices. Only so she can then again clean it with her mouth. I tell you, that’s a well balanced cleaning circle.
Now you will start thinking, “No way am I (spring) cleaning my flat this year! I’ll get myself a hot Latina maid to do it for me instead.” And, you know, pretend you just bought a new camera and you need to test it out. On her, of course, while she cleans your apartment and later your cock. Because, there’s no better way of testing a camera other than on moving objects. And if this happens to be a hot Latina maid, riding your hard cock, backwards, that’s even better! This way you’ll also get to test how well your camera absorbs vibrations, when she slides up and down your dick and makes your body shake.