Going through the latest dirty flicks on PornTube, three kinda, really stood out for me. More specifically, their thumbnails. And it just happens that all three are lesbian porn. I told you already, girl-on-girl scenes are my favorite! Not that I am trying to force anyone to become a fan of girl-girl porn, not even close. It’s just that sometimes, I really can not hold myself back from not making an all-girl Get Hyped For The Weekend feature. Plus, I am sure all of you will enjoy every second of each video listed below.
From two beautiful ebony babes, Skyler Nicole and Yasmine De Leon, to tantric massage, performed by Natasha Voya on Abigal Mac, and sexy students, Kenna James and Vanessa Veracruz. 6 babes to get the blood flowing with passion!

Get hyped for the weekend with 3 scorching hot lesbian videos!

Beautiful black lesbians Yasmine De Leon and Skyler Nicole – PornTube.com
Skyler Nicole’s husband left her just when she found out she is pregnant. Not being sure whether or not going through the whole process on her own, she pays a visit to her doctor, Yasmine De Leon. After a long chat, these two ebony women find out they have more in common than they thought. Both being raised up by a single mother, they are very well aware what it means going through rough times. All this made them the type of girls who do not give up and their skin thick.
When the talk is over, Skyler and Yasmine share a hug what transforms into a sexy, hospital style lesbian sex. Form the very beginning, you can see it in their eyes, how much they want each other.
Anyone wants to play doctors with me?

Abigail Mac and Natasha Voya enjoy girl on girl massage – PornTube.com
Beautiful brunette, Abigail Mac, has an appointment at this incredible massage/wellness resort and she’s right on time. Still considering what kind of massage to go with, masseuse suggests a tantric one. Like she would read Abigail’s mind, this is exactly what she needs. Taking her to one of their best rooms, Abigail soon gets excited, being in such good hands and surrounded by nature. Mac sure is an adventurous individual and that’s exactly what hypes her masseuse, Natasha, up to become one as well. From then on, they both take good care of each other. And I tell you, it gets loud AF!

College lesbians Vanessa Veracruz and Kenna James – PornTube.com
Hard work and standing out from the masses paid off for Kenna James. Meaning, she gets accepted into the sorority house by the piping hot boss, Vanessa Veracruz. However, living there is not at all fun for Kenna. Vanessa is so OCD it’s freaky and it drives James crazy.
One day, Kenna gets caught talking shit about Vanessa what leads to a sexy chick fight. Not just your average chick fight, vanessa-teaching-kenna-a-lesson kind of a chick fight. With other words, these babes fuck each other.
Will they finally get along now?