FRIDAY! It wasn’t long ago when we met your twin brother and I tell you, it was fun hanging out with him. He taught us stuff and most importantly, he hyped us up for the weekend. How, you may ask. With PornTube’s dirty vids, of course! No doubt, you will do the same to us today. I am certain you will.
Now, “Let’s get the party started!” or how would P!ink say it.

X-Sensual – Sex-filled morning –
Let’s see if you agree with me: every single day of the week should start with a morning sex! Yes/no? If this would actually be realizable and every grown up would do it, man, I guarantee you, this world would be full of peace, laughs and good times. However, while it’s impossible to change people’s minds and morning routines globally, you can start experiencing this approach to “better life” at your end. The only issue I see, starting each day with good old sex, is that you would need to wake up early. Or you’d be late for job, and you know you don’t want to make your boss angry. Still, knowing sex is waiting you the next morning, waking up in fire is not questionable. It’s time for a CHANGE!

Ariana Grand drilled on the tennis court –
One thing that you definitely should not skip in you life is: sport. Any kind of sport. Be it something extreme and risky, or something chill and safe. For as long as you stay active, not only will people envy your looks, sex will be much better as well. Plus, you’ll look much younger. That’s what we all want, right?
In this day and age, when we are constantly on the go and working, lack of time is a huge issue. Solution? Organization and combining similar “obligations” will always keep you one step ahead. This said, next time when you’ll feel very Olympic and go do sports, warm yourself up with sex, right there at, in this case, tennis court. Maybe you don’t find time for sexual encounters and since warming up your muscles, to prevent injuries, is important, sex may become your new warm up method. Because, why not!

Christy toys her pussy on the kitchen counter –
Oh Christy Mack… I don’t know if it’s for your tattoos, your crazy fingernails, wild haircuts, or that curvaceous body you own, why I like you so much. Or is it for that seductive look you have, the way how you touch yourself, or, last but DEFINITELY not least, how you toy your pussy? I’d say it’s a delicious combination of everything. Not to mention: SKILLS.