India Summer Having Tabu Sex –
After all this time, young stud, Bruce Venture, is finally out of prison. What a relief! However, he soon gets caught in a little incident with his mother-in-law, India Summer. To be more precise, hot MILF seduces him, knowing they both want each other, and fucks him hard.
Picking him up and driving Bruce back to his house, the vibes let you know that India is up to something. She has been cooking a special meal for him! Upon their arrival, she heads upstairs to use the bathroom in Bruce’s bedroom since the other one is “not working.”
Having a short conversations with his babe and letting her know he’s disappointed she’s not there, Bruce starts to worry where’s India Summer. Following her upstairs, India seduces him the very moment he enters his bedroom.
Being an experienced woman and knowing he needs pussy after such long dry period, mother-in-law’s catch is a success. Little hesitation due to being in shock and, obviously, because she’s his mother-in-law, Bruce’s cock can’t deal with the fact that India is offering herself for fucking. It GROWS and he can do nothing about it. Would you try and hold yourself back when knowing your babe’s insanely hot mother wants to bang you hard? IMPOSSIBLE.

“You can love my daughter but you can still fuck me.”- India Summer

Bruce’s big shaft hard, India horny as fuck and no one being around, having the whole house for themselves, Summer’s masterful seduction skills soon make them pursue the encounter.
On the bed, being lustful as they are, no action can prevent them from bringing their sexual collide to a whole new level. Craving for Bruce’s young and fresh cock for ages, mother-in-law, India Summer is dying to work him inside her moist mouth. His member now out, released the pain of pressing against pants, you can only imagine what she does to him. While moaning loudly, India sucks him and strokes him like there is no tomorrow.
Ready as ever and diamond hard, Venture goes to work, inserts his huge cock inside Summer’s beautifully trimmed pink and pounds her eagerly. Enjoying the forbidden, Bruce and India Summer keep the romp explosive by a vivid and intense stuffing.
As much as India needs stud’s dong in her twat, so does Bruce need a juicy pussy.

Was the tabu sex worth it? Did they fulfill their secret fantasies?