The Queen of Extreme Penetrations aka Jayda Diamonde is our #WCW.

Knowing what her nickname is and you know pretty much everything about her. Oh yes, our Woman Crush Wednesday for this week, Jayda Diamonde, sure is familiar with sticking big objects inside her fuck holes. Though she is a very petite girl, Jayda has well trained pussy and asshole, meaning, she can stretch them wide. Extremely wide. Like, 4 pounds dildo wide. As she says, “My art form will leave you breathless and wanting so much MORE.” In case huge and enormous is what you fancy, look no further, Jayda Diamonde is your girl.
Being present in the adult entertainment industry in one way or another, she is also quite huge in the mainstream. You may have spot her in David Jacobson’s “Boot Tracks” (also known as “Tomorrow You’re Gone“) movie, playing with such stars like Michelle Monaghan, Stephen Dorff and Willem Dafoe. And it was due to her husband who submitted informations, when they were looking for actresses, on Jayda’s behalf. Thanks husband!
queen of extreme penetration
Now let’s get back to the porn industry. Blonde and of slim physique, Jayda Diamonde calls herself both adult film star and webcam legend. Jayda’s also Vice President of Cam Sharks and runs her official website When it comes to work, she’s 110% percent all in, never late and always a one-take-girl. No wonder why everyone loves her so much. Still, it’s those monstrous, sometimes absurd, dildos she can sport with her vag and ass, what made people start yearn for more and more of Jayda Diamonde. You dig big, Huge and EXTREME?
Jayda’s porn beginnings
It was somewhere around 2006, when Jayda Diamonde shot her very first adult movie. She jumped in with both feet on her 20th birthday. However, prior to pursuing adult entertainment career, Diamonde was a stripper until she saw an ad on Craigslist. Jayda gave it a go and it was a big mistake. Diamonde told Apache Warrior in an interview for XCritic that she does not recommend anyone to enter the industry the way she did. “Unless you want to be run through what I call the puppy mill.” Jayda advises to first do as much research as possible about the adult biz and later find a respected agency/company to do business with. No rush, baby!
Jayda is in her late 20s but, due to already accomplishing so much, many porn newbies could look up to her. Or even better, talk to her, Jayda’s full of experience and advices. She’s young, vibrant and has a bright future ahead of her.

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