Asian adult actress, more precisely, Filipino, Lana Violet, is grabbing my attention a lot lately and that’s why the decision came about to make her our Woman Crush Wednesday for this week. You must have heard of her before, otherwise you have no knowledge about Asian porn. She’s been in the industry for many years now and there are only two things that might make her stop shooting porn: 1) she finds the right person, or 2) she gets injured by a monster cock. Still, the later will put her only on a hiatus. There might be other causers as well but we aren’t here to talk about her retirement. We are here to chat about what an epic and dirty babe Lana Violet is and maybe even learn an extra thing or two.
According to IAFD, Lana was born on June 29, 1988 in Orange County, California. Growing up, she’s been a nerdy babe, focused on finishing school. However, when she got to high school, she started partying and hanging out with guys more, yet she kept on being a good girl, doing school’s obligations. Balance.
Lana paid strip club a visit for the first time when still a teen, illegally, what made her fall in love with stripping immediately. Things girls did on stage were very appealing to her. She later pursued career as a stripper and it’s through stripping when she got introduced to porn. She gave it a go, got hooked and the rest is history. Being a nymphomaniac, pornography suited her perfectly. It’s a win-win situation for Lana Violet. Not only she started experimenting with her sexual fantasies and having a lot of sex, she also started making money for doing what she loves.
How did she come up with her stage name? Her first agent didn’t really liked the name she was using back then and she needed to change it. Amongst all her suggestions, Lana Violet was the one she kept. Fun fact: a talent thought she chose name Lana because she lost anal virginity before vaginal and Lana spells anal backwards. Would make perfect sense but this is not really how she picked her name.
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Few things Lana loves (outside porn): yoga (and even if this means window yoga), spending moments outside, especially at the beach, hockey, herb (aka weed), feature dancing and eating organic foods.

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