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Exotic, black haired, Mia Hurley is driving around this unfamiliar town with her boy when their car rans out of gas. One of the worst possible things. You have no idea where the heck are you, especially not where the first gas station is located. Luckily, a guy drives by, offering them help. Since Mia’s guy is too attached to his car, he can not leave it there, on the pavement. He stays and Mia Hurley decides to go with this complete stranger to a local gas station, all alone. They somehow both Mia and her boy trust this guy and off she goes. Hurley finds this dude very attractive and vice versa. They chat about stuff, when Mia reveals how bad her boy is treating her. In the bed. When he is done, he rolls over and does not care if Mia Hurley came or not. He doesn’t even bother himself asking her. Not to mention, his dick is pea size big, I mean, little. As she says, not even worth saying it’s a penis. Size matters for Mia. She is sure this dude, who picked her up, does not have these kind of problems. However, never judge book by its cover. This being said, Mia gets to see it for herself and soon finds out his cock is of a decent size. Then the question that will make your heart stop beating: “Do you mind if I suck your dick?” Girls, when you already hold one’s dick in you hands, why in the world would you even ask such question? You already know the answer. Just go for it and make us smile.
While still driving around, finding this “near by” gas station, Mia Hurley starts blowing his cock, making it grow. If Mia’s boyfriend does not treat her well, this gent is different. This being said, he wants to return the pleasing process. He stops the car and starts fingering Hurley’s bold pussy. Fuck hunger between these two is growing and growing to the point, when he leaves his seat, gets over to Mia and starts pounding her from behind. Finally, Mia Hurley receives a nice sized cock, rubbing walls of her vagina. It feels so good. But they don’t stop here. They move right beside the car, on the street and continue fucking. Mia rides his cock cowgirl and reverse cowgirl, until his cum decides to retire and explodes all over her pretty face.