Shy, innocent and petite schoolgirl Piper Perri learns a lesson through a hard and wicked fuck.

Hard fast fuck for tiny teen schoolgirl –
Even if you do it by an open window, don’t you think you can hide the smell of cig smoke. IMPOSSIBLE. Especially if smell-sensitive Logan Pierce is around.
Petite schoolgirl, Piper Perri, does a major mistake when she lights up a cigarette, in the house, in hopes no one will spot her. Or is it really a mistake?
Logan’s nose smells cigarette smoke from miles away. Meaning, he catches her smoking by the window and, mad AF, goes straight to teaching her a lesson. The hard fuck way. No one jokes with Pierce, if so, he pierces you hard! With his dick, of course.
Adorable creature, Piper Perri, is about to get her tinny pussy smashed vigorously. Hopefully, she will take something out of this lesson. Or maybe she will continue break the rules only to get more hard fuck lessons from Logan Pierce. It’s kind of a win-win situation for rebellious young teen, Perri. She gets to break rules, as well us hard fucks which serve as payment for the “damage” she does. Kinda cool, just don’t get addicted to this kind of doings too much! Piper, you too!
Speaking of breaking rules, smoking indoors and getting taught a lesson, Piper Perri receives a proper treatment by Logan. An experience she will certainly not forget. Getting her tight, pink pussy penetrated hard in fantasy positions, I think the only lesson Piper learns is to not obey Logan. At all. Not obey the rules and go totally against the grain. This will ensure her more of wild and rough sexual encounters with Pierce. She needs to make him angry and mad, so he then takes her passionately aggressive.
In case you don’t know it yet, these innocent, shy looking schoolgirls are the ones who like it rough the most. And it’s cute Piper Perri who’s an ideal example of a lass who enjoys getting fucked the hard way.

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(P.S. It doesn’t have to be a real one – hit me we some word juice!)