#2 – Yoga…and the trouble with having a big dick – PornTube.com
Episode 2 of the most tasteful soup web series out there, PornSoup, by PornTube is all about yoga and troubles with having a big dick. Sort of.
Don’t you think having a huge cock makes your life brilliant. Not really. It can be quite painful and hurtful, especially not having full body control. Or you are of weak (back) muscles.
“What the hell are you talking about?” Sure, you need an example to understand my blabbering, right? Well here you go.
Being a porn performer with a big dick, chances are, you can hurt you back. How so? When you have a smaller penis, you do quicker, rabbit style movements what, in most cases, will not cause any damage to your body. However, if you are well endowed, you need to do bigger back movements. Now imagine having several scenes booked in a row. You get exhausted and you can hurt yourself. “When you are a male porn performer it’s a big problem when you fuck up your back,” educates us Manuel Ferrara.

Kayden: “Why don’t you just do what the girls do?
Manuel: “What?”
Kayden: “You just lay there.”

Luckily, Kayden Kross and Manuel Ferrara are here to take you through the process how to continue with your act with your hurt back without the need of cancelling shoots. Or you happen to be a super horny individual who fucks a lot and cannot live sex-free, not even for a day. It’s a helpful tip peeps inside and peeps outside adult entertainment industry should know. Or is it really?
The solution, when you have your back fucked up, is very simple: do what girls do. “What do they do?” You just lay there, like a dead fish. I know right, who would even think to do this. Be a dead fish and let girl do all the work. Simple as that.
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