#3 – Dirty talk. When is it right and when is it wrong – PornTube.com
Oh yeah, the good old dirty talk. In pornos. So, “When is it right and when is it wrong?” A million dollar question. Not really. However, you do need to know what’s tasty and what’s plain awful. You cannot just fire out a few words in hopes they will do the trick. Writing some lines down in advance might not be a stupid idea. At least you can do some practise before the action to hear yourself how good (or bad) you sound. Is it at all appetizing or it just sucks big times?

Can you even dirty talk, bro?

“Problem with dirty talk is you don’t realize how hard it is to get [it] right,” says Kayden Kross. Moreover, not everyone can really be a dirty talker. Either you have it in your blood or it’s better for you to stay silent. You don’t want to cause any damage, talking about your visit to the pet store or whatever (especially when asked to be mean, nasty and vulgar). Unless partner has some weird ass fetish, stuff like this WILL NOT make him/her aroused. At all. “Flat life.”
Being forced into doing dirty talk (on camera), chances are that the end result will be way different compared to doing it when not under pressure. Like it is with everything else.
Not speaking for myself, apparently some dudes do need some nasty words thrown at them to get a boner. And vice versa (I guess).
To be honest, I prefer silence in combination with love sounds to dirty talk. Not really the biggest fan of it. Maybe it’s because I suck at it. Though I write about porn and sex on a daily basis, man, hammering down dirty words during sex is not my thing. Watching explicit videos is similar. I don’t really enjoy watching pornos with an excessive amount of talking. However, I do like stories but when it gets to bang-bang, moaning and whimpering is enough for me.

Do you like dirty talk during sex/in a porn flick?
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