If you happen to like porn, no way you never heard for the cutest creature ever, pornstar Amarna Miller. What makes her extra cute, sweet and adorable is her Spanish accent. You guessed it, Amarna was born in Madrid, Spain on October 29, 1990. This said and following Valentine’s Day weekend, keeping red in the air, redhead Amarna Miller is our Woman Crush Wednesday. Perfect lass to quickly reminisce the past weekend.

Redhead pornstar Amarna Miller adores her job and is proud of what she does.

Amarna is a firm believer that sex, in all its form, is something natural and should not be hidden. Being very open sexually and always enjoying watching adult films, it was pretty natural for Miller to pursue career in adult entertainment industry. Prior to entering adult business, she was working as an artistic model (she modeled naked for painters and photographers), meaning, she was quite comfortable in front of the camera. NAKED. Then it happened. At the age of 19, pornstar Amarna Miller began her adult film career through her own company, Omnia-X. Starting her own business was the result of not being able to find a proper company in Spain to work for. What they were offering was not the kind of porn she enjoyed in, plus, the quality was very poor. Being artist at heart, Miller has her standards she will not break.

In the first two years of her adult career, Amarna shot only solo and girl-girl scenes, but later on expanded her repertoire and started doing boy-girl as well. Today she calls herself bisexual and does only the kind of stuff she really enjoys doing in her private life. As she states on her official, AmarnaMiller.com, website, she believes in ethical porn and will work only with people who she really likes. In short, pornstar Amarna Miller will do only what makes her happy. You know the saying: do more of what makes you happy.
Since Amarna Miller is a super unique name, let’s brake it down. The first part of her stage name comes from the city of Tell Amarna. The capital of an Egyptian empire, colonised by Akenathon, father of Tutankhamon. And the last part of her name is also last name of writer, Henry Miller. By the way, pornstar Amarna Miller is kinda obsessed with art.
Amarna likes to travel, cook, read, write, enjoys spending time in the nature and collects antique dolls since the age of 14. She also likes scuba diving, old American cars, is a Fine Art graduate, enjoys going to museums and a lot more. We could go on and on about Miller.

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