Rocco’s “Siffredi Hard Academy” will bring to the world aspiring new adult actors and actresses.

There is nothing to hide, the title says it all. The Italian Stallion or for noobs better known, Rocco Siffredi, will teach young girls and guys how to become a pro adult actor. Yeah, yeah, I know what you will say: “What is there to learn about. You come to the set, you fuck hard, you jizz all over her face and go home.” Sorry my friends, it is not as easy as it may look.
Known for his rough sex scenes and staring in 1,300 XXX movies, Rocco will use all his years worth of experiences and teach students how to act persuasive in front of the camera. The “Porn Academy” aka “Siffredi Hard Academy” will take place in Budapest, Hungary and will be a two week long course. Not to mention, SHA being also a reality show that will air on Italian television, reported by Perfil.
There were thousands submitted applications but only 21 made it to the finals. 7 girls and 14 guys. Interesting, I thought the female population will be higher. Anyhow, a quick teaser of what is Rocco bringing to the world with the “Siffredi Hard Academy” can be seen above. Unfortunately, it does not reveal much.
During the tough, full of new knowledge and homework (hopefully), two weeks, students will learn about different positions, how to talk dirty and how to make it look real in front of the lens. As reported by Rocco Siffredi himself, all lessons will be unscripted. Rocco wants to teach his students of authenticity and originality. The “Siffredi Hard Academy” learning program will be as organic as possible. There will be several tests, that will help “contestants” grow confidence in front of the camera as well as learn acting techniques. In today’s day and age, Rocco said, sex is much more complex as it was in the past. With this in mind, there is a lot to learn to become a successful porn actor in this “new-age” sex world.
If there will be a “Siffredi Hard Academy 2,” would you be down to gain sex knowledge from the legend himself?