There’s Star Wars this, Star Wars that, Star Wars everything but something is missing. Something to pump up the force of pleasure. Yes, Star Wars sex toys! WOOHOO. We need this in our lives, don’t we? Of course we do and by we, I mean everyone, even those who aren’t really into SW and TFA hype (I think I need to stop using “hype” so much). Maybe SW themed sex toys would make more folks familiar with franchise. Who knows.

Who’d be interested in owning Star Wars sex toys?

This artist from Hungary, Balasz Sarmai is his name, created this awesome posters, portraying some of Star Wars’ most iconic characters with a twist. Darth Vader, R2-D2, C-3PO and Storm Trooper, all as Star Wars sex toys. To make something clear straight away: no, you can not buy these Star Wars themed pleasure devices. Still, by creating these posters, Balasz caused quite a buzz on the world wide web. Not only that, he made people familiar with Lelo, what resulted in an increase in sales. Not surprising any more, people do want to have Star Wars everything. Or is this just some hidden marketing, they do not want us to know about? Doesn’t really matter, these Star Wars sex toys are badass and I want to own one. What, these are collector’s items!
Lord Vader which is basically Lelo’s Smart Wand, Stormtrooper aka Couples’ Massager, C-3PO the G-spot vibrator and R2-D2, originally a personal massager, ALIA. These are the actual Lelo sex toys that Balasz used for his SW creations.
Posters being such a big hit, Lelo might get in touch with George Lucas “to be the first and only sex toy company to make Star Wars-themed pleasure items.” Go for it, you have nothing to lose. Just consider this: if Star Wars sex toys actually happen, you better get an extra server or two, otherwise your website might collapse on the day of the release.

Like Lelo says it, “may the force of pleasure be with you!”