Last day of January, 2016. Can you even believe it? It feels like December was just yesterday. But February actually is just tomorrow. Unfortunately, the first month of New Year is about to end but new adventures are about to start. This said, there’s no better way to finish a month and get yourself ready for a new beginning other than with some good old porn.
Get your mind focused and enjoy yourself this last January Sunday Fapday. FAP ON!

1. Blonde stunner Chelsey Lanette masturbates and fucks a dildo

Stunning Chelsey Lanette masturbation –
Have you ever heard of Chelsey Lanette before? In case you have not, you came to the right place. This chick is a treat and when it comes to teasing the world around her, I tell you, she’s good at it. As a matter of fact, she is DAMN good at it. While many may think having an amazing body is enough to make people’s jaws drop, that’s not always the case. She does have a ridiculous frame, however, Chelsey has way more in store. She knows how to move those hips, how to lick her fingers, how to rub her clit and, far from being the last thing, how to fuck a dildo. Yes, she nearly destroys that sex toy, sliding up and down so vigorously.

2. Teen lesbian and MILF lesbian collide

Smoking hot blonde lesbians Holly Heart and Samantha Rone –
Fucking an older person is many folks’ fantasy. They are experienced, one may think, and they will fuck me like I never was fucked. There’s a lot of truth in that, still, you do need to have a shit load of luck on your side.
Teen lesbian Samantha Rone is a gal born under the lucky star. Meaning, she gets a chance to bang MILF Holly Heart. When a younger girl and an older lady collide, you know you are in for an epic lesbian treat. Couldn’t be more right!

3. The only way to blow a cock is with a smile on your face

Lyla Love loves to suck cock –
Lovely Lyla Love looks so amazing when massaging this dude, his cock gets rock solid immediately. I mean, wouldn’t you have hard times concentrating and not getting hard as well? Her exotic looks and that amazing hair… you hooked me, miss. But Lyla is an adventurous one and does not mind getting on a very intimate level with her customers. And only because she LOVES to suck cock and play with balls.
Body and cock massage makes every man a happy man!

4. Jail fuck can be cold, I guess

Pierce Fuck her in jail –
I have not done it yet. No, you silly, I don’t mean, I haven’t done it in jail yet, that’s ludicruous, though it must be fun. I was imagining having sex on a cold surface, like that steel table – man, that must feel cold AF. At last for the one being in contact with it. Might happen your dick to go soft. Or is that just me and my imagination is fooling me? You tell me.

5. Tats, piercings and dangerous toys

Joanna Angel riding cock in her butt –
When it’s highly recommended to spice things up between the sheets with pleasurable devices, teasing your partner with “dangerous toys” is risky and definitely not for everyone. However, it might unlock a completely new satisfaction, you never knew existed. You first need to have full confidence in your partner, as well as being very careful. Not to mention, you do need to know what you are doing. I am not saying you shouldn’t start implementing some kink to your love making, it’s just that you first need to discuss it and learn about it. Teach yourself about kink and such from the best, for example, from alt pornstar like Joanna Angel.