Naked skiing and snowboarding call for shrinkage.

The country where I am located in should be covered in snow and beautiful right now but, as sad as it sounds, no snow! Although I am more of a summer person, I love me some snow and cold. At least 14 days or so. Apparently, that will not happen this winter.
people skiing naked
Anyhow, all this makes this Thursday perfect timing to throw it back at naked skiing and snowboarding segment from the feature-length film, Valhalla. Why even wear clothes, if being naked is way more fun, right? Especially skiing and snowboarding down the mountain, enjoying the powder, in hopes you will not crash. However, it happens to the best as well.
The whole point is, these naked skiing and snowboarding people are having so much fun, carving, crashing and doing tricks. Not giving a damn about a thing, they jump on the chairlift and off to the top they go again.
It might give you shivers only looking at them, going down the slope, wearing nothing but a pair of gloves and socks. To be honest, it does look a bit painful and cold (of course!). That’s why most prefer staying warm inside, by the fireplace, covered with blanket while sipping on a cup of hot chocolate. Or at least have the gear on.
It does not have to be naked skiing or snowboarding but people, do go against the grain every once in a while. It’s fun and it feeds the inner child.
Seriously, I have no idea how long they stayed naked but at least I hope they were served with shots of schnapps. LOTS OF IT. Man, only imagining sitting in the chairlift with my bare arse and I am getting chills. Wouldn’t it be cool to see some behind the scenes from shooting? I always say BTS are better than final product.
Skier or snowboarder or one who does not do sports at all, I am sure you’ll all enjoy watching this one.

Any brave people out there with balls for a session of naked skiing and snowboarding?

While dongs get sucked in, nipples poke out and get ice solid.