Babe who is bisexual but focuses on doing only girl-girl scenes, today we look at adult performer Vanessa Veracruz’s Twitter profile. You know, to find 10 things, facts and whatever we find cool. After digging deeper into her profile I noticed one thing: she gives back a lot! Meaning, she does treat her fan base right and is constantly engaging. And maybe all this because of her entrepreneurial, yet settled, down to earth, spirit. Vanessa says her fans inspire her to be a better person in every way. To have such amazing fan support really changed her life in the sense that they have given her the courage to become an independent adult performer.
When asked what describes her, Vanessa Veracruz tells she’s weird, motivated, studious, sweet, kick ass and well rounded. Not to mention, she is also winner of 2016 XBIZ Girl-Girl Performer of the Year award. Hard work always pays off! Plus, she’s a director, webcam girl, aficionado, pillow humper and extraordinaire. Oh yeah, she is passionate about cats, too!
Pornography is part of Vanessa’s life for a long time. Meaning, she is a fan of it from way before she pursued career in adult entertainment industry. You naughty girl, you!
Veracruz started performing and modeling exclusively girl-girl in 2011. So far, it was a super fun journey for Vanessa Veracruz and to keep herself even busier and more connected to her fans, she launched her official,, website just last fall.
Keep yourself entertained by following the girl of many talents, Vanessa, on Instagram and Twitter. She’s fun, she’s interesting and, most importantly, Vanessa will never let you down.

10 from Twitter about Vanessa Veracruz

1. Obviously, Vanessa loves sweets, especially donuts!
2. Since Sunday was Valentine’s Day, these were Veracruz’s wishes to all you lovely people out there: “May your day be filled with Love Today from your lover, friend or Family. Happy VDay!” Along with a photo, of course (combine them and you have a VD card for next year):
She added: “I’ll rather be single on VDay and everyday than to be with someone I can’t be myself with.”
3. “I have sex with myself way too much.” Um… do you happen to need help?
4. FYI: “Always bring my best to everything I produce! If you’ve never bought a Video from my store or a custom, I promise you won’t regret it!” Every time you buy a video from her official website, Vanessa would really appreciate, if you leave a detailed comment. She loves the feedback.
5. “Dude if a fan pays you for a Skype show do it OR REFUND THE MONEY BACK!!”

6. In case you did not know it yet: “Seeing a specialist to see if I suffer from Endometriosis. I already know it runs in my family unfortunately.” She adds she is sick and tired of going through this kind of pain every month. “I actually have mild arthritis on my shoulders and knees. It runs in my family.”
7. Only so you won’t be the victim and will act accordingly: Vanessa Veracruz deletes all stupid questions on her Instagram. “It’s a full time job but it makes me happy.”
8. What’s the best part of living in a house? Simple, laying topless in the backyard. At least that’s what Vanessa says. I feel you!
9. Motivational quote: “Work hard and stay humble. No one likes a stuck up bitch.”
10. Being passionate about the green and when her best friend cancels on her last minute, she goes to the Cannabis Cup.
11. (Bonus) Don’t forget: “Doesn’t matter if you shoot BG, GG, BB, BBG, fetish, BBW or CAM or whatever you shoot, we all support each other”