No matter what she does, the end product (or a BTS in this case) is always a fun watch. Sometimes it gets you more excited than the others, but it never leaves you disappointed when Riley Reid appears on the screen. THAT’S A FACT. Whether she plays with monster cocks or she simply cruises streets of LA, a Riley video always gets the juices going. Sort of. Kinda. Bloody hell, of course it does!
Here’s a video from last year when Reid spent a day in the streets of Los Angeles with Willie Tee, taking photos, and Aaron Brown, shooting these behind the scenes clips.
Of course Riley Reid grabbed many inhabitants’ attention with her natural beauty. She even teased peeps with her sexy round ass, flashing it from her apartment window. “Would be awesome if someone actually saw.” Oh Riley, I am sure someone saw your ass. When such behind appears, naked, we men sure spot it and even if it’s not really fully exposed. It’s called, ass detector, which is integrated in our bodies, that senses asses from miles away, what we use. Great and very useful addition our bodies have!

No matter what she does, everything Riley Reid puts out (or in) is a fun watch.

Anyway, what would you do, walking down the street, enjoying your life, and there she is, Riley Reid nearly naked? Or even better, fully nude? Would you, 1) rush to her like a headless chicken, 2) shy out and take some photos from a distance or 3) chill the fuck down, walk over to her and politely ask her for an autograph and if she’s willing to take a photo with you?
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To be honest, I haven’t ran into a pornstar yet, meaning, I cannot really provide an accurate answer what I would do in this case. I’d say option three, however, it may happen that I fall in shock, rush over and make a complete fool out of myself.
I guess I’d need to move to LA where such things – running into an adult film star (on a regular basis?) – may actually happen. Not living in the right country, unfortunately. DAMN IT.

You, have you ever ran into a pornstar while cruising the streets?

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