AVN hall of famer, weed smoker, cook, gamer and, obviously, pornstar, Alana Evans is a lady who has everything you need. She is a super cool gal, goes to comic cons, interacts with her fans on a daily basis and does some really naughty stuff on camera. She is definitely one that stands out from the masses and one that will never leave your penis disappointed. Either she does a mainstream gig or something hardcore with a monster dick, Alana Evans is one that must not be missed in one’s life. In case you want to say hello to this babe and have shit signed, visit 2016 AVN Adult Entertainment Expo in Vegas where you can find her at the official AVN booth. Maybe you two can also have a chat about Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, or Star Wars. Hint: you better have knowledge about stuff you want to talk about since she knows things and may leave you speechless. Just saying. Or better, buy her something Star Wars related (or get creative on your own), like an R2D2 toy, and you’ll have her attention.

Babe of many skills, Alana Evans, has been in the adult entertainment industry for about 19 years now (WOW!) and looks like nothing is slowing her down. Being active on social media, gaining her following base and releasing new XXX scenes is a good proof. Add playing video games every day, spending time with her kid and puppy, chatting with her fans and you will start to wonder, if she is even a human.
I am following her for a while now and it was about time to get her “10 Things From The Twitosphere” done.
Before I let you read stuff I found on her 140-character-sharing social media profile, Alana was nominated for Gamer Girl of the Year and 4:20 Model of the Year by Cammy Awards. Well, what are you waiting for!

Alana Evans’ 10 from twitosphere:

1. Labyrinth is one of Alana’s favorite movie. Not to mention, she does enjoy watching movies and shows in general.
2. “Some guys totally suck, leaving you scarred… And then there’s those who are so awesome, you forget about your scars.”
3. It was just a couple of days ago for lady Alana Evans when she changed her hair for the first time after three years. “Gotta admit I’m a little nervous today.”
4. Although she saw the new Star Wars just recently, she is obviously a huge SW fan. Well, if baking R2D2 cookies doesn’t make you a true fan than I don’t know what does.
5. Alana’s New Year resolution is to appreciate herself more. Deep: “We have one life. Live it for you!”
6. How you know you are a pornstar? This is how: “You know you’re a pornstar when you walk around your house asking, ‘why does it smell like cum?’ when someone bleached the kitchen.”
7. In case you find yourself in the same situation: “Video games are a great distraction from texting someone who doesn’t text back, LOL.” To be more exact, it’s smoking green and playing Fallout 4 what works for Alana.
8. Life lesson by Alana Evans herself goes like this: “When boys don’t appreciate what you give them, it’s time to move on to the next.”
9. What really turns on Evans? Phone sex. Apparently it makes her extremely horny, talking to guys on phone.
10. Well, everyone wondering, Alana does have a thing for cute Italian boys what makes her love the east coast.

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