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Luckily, Angel Piaff does not need to wait for too long. Her guy gets himself ready quicker than she thought. In white button down shirt and jeans he finally appears on top of the stairs. He looks like a sporty gentleman. Angel shares with him a light and sexy smile, letting him know that she wants him. She needs him, his mouth, his strong hands and lastly, his dick. Even if one is late for work, no one can resist a blonde beauty like Angel Piaff is. You’d rather make your boss mad by being late to work than rejecting such an offer. And even if you get these kinds of offers on a regular basis. Don’t say it’s me who encourages you to rather be late for work than skip sex. That’s up to you.

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When he joins Piaff by the table, they share a few light yet very succulent kisses. He starts touching her, gently massaging her boobs, when she suddenly finds herself on the kitchen table being eaten out. He licks her pussy, he licks her clit and before even being able to unbutton his shirt, he inserts his penis inside her.
Fucking her on the table while she fingers her clitoris, Angel Piaff starts moaning more and more lively. She even shares light screams, making kitchen saturated with erotic vibes. Turning around, they continue making love to each other on that concrete kitchen table. It felt cold at the beginning but they warmed it up by now, not feeling chills aynmore.
Lastly, they move to the chair, Angel Piaff was relaxing on prior to their fuck encounter, she hops on him and rides him decently. She does not want him to cum inside her, instead, she gets on her knees and blows him until his semen explodes in her mouth.