Yes please! There is no such thing as too much erotica both in video and photo form. And getting a chance to take a peek at some vintage erotica photos is always a sweet and funny treat. Biljana Marinkovic just recently posted a few of her vintage Serbian erotica photos on Vice Serbia for us to enjoy. I believe chances of getting aroused by photos like these are close to a zero, with exception of some old farts, but hey, at least we now know how vintage erotica in Serbia looked like.
After Biljana spotted some vintage erotica photos by this collector on Tumblr, she knew she need to have some for her own personal collection. She hit up a few of her vintage photography vendors in Belgrade, Serbia to see if they have any. To her luck she managed to get a vast variety of them and to date collected more than 90 vintage Serbian erotica photos. With this nice set of vintage nude pics, she would now love to turn them into a (collector’s) book. However, she is concerned about the sales in Serbia. “I have no idea who would buy it in Serbia.” Limiting yourself to Serbia only is nonsense. I believe there are thousands and thousands of vintage erotica collectors around the globe, so make it available worldwide. Trust me, Biljana, old farts (and priests) would love to fap to some vintage Serbian erotica.
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