Cheating girlfriend, Remy Lacroix, has some vacation fun with Jason’s BBC.

BLACKED Interracial Vacation for Cheating Girlfriend –
Sexy Remy Lacroix just checks in to this incredible resort, she and her boyfriend booked for some indulging. Making sure she does not waste much time, Lacroix quickly slips into this beautiful black swimsuit and goes tanning by the pool. Bad news. When on the phone with her boy, she finds out she will need to spend whole two days all alone. Business calls! Little does she know, the very same day will Remy become a cheating girlfriend. And nothing/no one is there to hold her back!
When still on the phone, Jason Brown spots Remy being all bummed. As a gentleman as he is, Jason approaches her, introduces himself and offers her his company. Remy gets excited and invites him over to her massive suite to show him the beautiful view. This suits Jason perfectly. But is it really about the view? You’ll soon find out.
Enjoying suite view for a few moments, the whole “view” thing quickly gets a completely new meaning to it. Remy and Jason both know they are not there about the view. Or they are, if you want to call it “view,” that’s up to you.
When Jason Brown gets to the point, Remy Lacroix, a cheating girlfriend, starts to kiss his soft lips. This is the “view” why the are in her suite for. I LIKE.
Enjoying each other, exchanging succulent kisses, Remy gets excited for the tool that’s hiding behind Jason’s white pants. “It’s so big,” gives his member three kisses and works him into her mouth. Being way too huge for her tiny and delicate mouth, Remy still gives it a shot and sticks him deep inside and down her throat, lightly gagging. Blowing his cock and stroking him with both hands (yes, IT’S THAT BIG), cheating girlfriend, Remy, makes him throb and solid as a steel.
Not going straight to action, being a cavalier, Brown gives Lacroix oral pleasure first, while she exposes her perfect ass in doggy position.
It is just a matter of a few more twat and asshole licks and Jason is ready to stretch Remy wide with his big black cock. Expectedly, she begins groaning the very moment Jason gets inside her. It’s joy, baby!
Pounding her hard doggy style, Brown continues fucking her with machine-like intensity in missionary, what makes cheating girlfriend, Remy Lacroix, cum all over his fat piece of meat. NOT DONE YET.
After reaching the first climax, Remy then gets to enjoy the ride, climbs on top of Jason’s black machete and fucks him cowgirl style. Moaning and smiling when sliding up and down the shaft, Remy starts to realize, these two days without her boyfriend will be super “productive.”
From a vigorous ride to a 69, cheating girlfriend enjoys face fucking Jason for one last time before he takes her spooning. Stuffing her vagina with passion, Jason reaches the point of no return and unleashes a torrent of warm and creamy dose of proteins all over Remy’s freckled face.