MILF Kendra Lust seducing the pizza delivery guy – PornTube ®.com
Like I always wanted to be a postman during my summer college break, I always wanted to be a pizza delivery guy. These guys get a chance to meet a lot of horny MILFs, I believe, just like this guy after he delivers Kendra Lust a gluten-free, cheesy vegan, piping hot pizza. How hot the pizza is we do not know, but we know Kendra is piping hot, wearing that tight orange dress.
It was a New Year’s party Kendra and her friends were having and she was feeling kinda desperate. Everyone has fuck buddies except her. Lust was craving for a nice meaty dick inside her. Although smoking hot and busty brunette Kendra Lust was on a cleanse, it’s New Year and she allowed herself to break the diet rule with a (healthy) gluten-free pizza. Right after she saw the delivery guy through apartment’s glass door, she knew she will tip him well. Normally pizza guys get 50% tip, but Lust is happy to pay him more (in services). It is Kendra’s tradition to eat pizza in the bathroom. What? Well, Kendra Lust likes watching herself biting in a cheesy pizza and watching tomato sauce dripping all over the place. She likes getting dirty, that’s it. Who doesn’t like getting dirty? Especially in mega clean bathroom. Pizza deliver guy is used to literally everything, but being seduced by Kendra Lust, he just follows her like a cute little puppy. Like it was his first day at job and Lust was his first ever customer. Soon after delivery, his trembling voice and blushed face find themselves in bathroom. Not eating pizza. Instead, being eaten by Kendra. And eating Kendra. I like this kind of pizza! I think this is the best gluten-free kind of a pizza I have ever seen. And the healthiest! Where can I order one?

Hey Kendra Lust, call me next time to deliver you pizza.