We will start today’s list of three get-hyped-for-the-weekend XXX videos differently. In a way that probably will never, ever again happen on PornTube blog. Still, you know the saying, never say never. To be honest, it may happen in the future, only very, Very, VERY rarely. I am talking about soft core porn. The kind I was watching on some funny German television channels, when in my teens, on days I couldn’t sleep. I remember how exciting it was back then. Some weeks I couldn’t sleep for straight seven days! I tell you, my mother wasn’t really happy about the bed sheets.
However, things changed over the years and so did my opinion about the SC porn. Not that I am against soft core porn, not at all, it’s just not my cup of tea. And why am I posting it then? Well, Dillion Harper is hot AF, that’s why!

Dillon Harper – Eve's Secret – PornTube.com
I believe more than ten years passed since I last time saw a soft porn video. Maybe even more. Not really into this kind of stuff. It’s just not to my likings. I like to see fuck tools being used and not just a flaccid dong while girl pretends she’s sucking it. It’s just silly, especially if video is of poor quality and they somehow don’t/forget [to] hide the flabby cock. How can this even arouse you? Oh yes, the girl is hot as hell – thanks Dillion Harper!
Anyway, I believe this is the one and only time you see me posting soft core porn flick here. Still, it is possible I stumble across something really epic which I might share with you. Might.

Evan Stone slamming gorgeous brunette Shauna Skye – PornTube.com
When was the last time you watched the almighty Evan Stone in action? Hopefully you will say, “Hey, I already watched this one!” If so, then thanks for keeping yourself updated with our dirty videos. For all the rest, let’s together refresh our memories and watch this beast in action, fucking Shauna Skye. I only have one thing to add: Hey Evan, what’s up with the zebra leggings/pants or whatever you want to call those? Viking bracelets and zebra pants – you sure know how to surprise! Enjoy.

Blonde hottie Cali Sparks drilled with a big boner – PornTube.com
Cali Sparks comes to the Cum Fiesta place, her friends were telling her about, since she is in need of some proper fucking. Or maybe just a splash of fresh cum all over her face. You decide. Of course she knows the password, you silly. She flashes her tits and in she goes. Dude is happy to please her needs and maybe even bring some of her fantasies to reality. However, it may be that it’s actually Cali who will be the one bringing this guy’s dreams to life with her stretchiness. She sure is capable of spreading those slim legs wide!