Hey, hey, hey, what’s up dawg! Is it Friday already? Indeed it is and we are all passionately waiting for the weekend to come. As a matter of fact, some may already be “in the future,” enjoying their weekend, while the rest still need to push it through TGIF.
Anyhow, no matter where in the world you are, no matter if your weekend already started, or it’s only Friday morning, let’s all put ourselves on hype with a bit of porn. On this same day last week you were probably all hungover, cheering into the New Year, today, you are probably busy at work. Or you might be in luck and enjoy a day off. Whatever you are up to, drop everything on the floor (not literally) and take a quick porn session with us.
This Friday we present you three lesbian videos. Nope, no cocks this time. However, they are on the kinky side and instead of a cock penetration, two babes use zucchini. Hey, veggies are good for you, aren’t they? 5 a day or how they say, right? One cleared form the today’s list, which four next?
Veggies, a bit of kink and hot summer day, that are some of the things you will get hit with while watching babes like Chloe Amour, Dani Daniels, Raven Rockette and other have fun.

Naughty lesbian fucks young lover with zucchini – PornTube.com
Imagine this (if you’re a girl): You wake up from deep dreams to wearing nothing else than lingerie and your hands tightly strapped to the bed. Then a hot babe joins you and starts seducing you. She caresses you, kisses you, what in combination with morning horniness quickly makes you wet. Then, out of no where, she brings out a zucchini. Yes, that cock shaped green veggie. She sticks it inside of you and starts to fuck you with it. Vegetarians, you are welcome.

Cherie DeVille gets dominated by Dani Daniels – PornTube.com
If there is one thing you definitely don’t want to do, it’s to touch Dani Daniels’ stuff and not letting her know about it. It sure does feel good having fun with all that expensive jewelry and such. Unfortunately, Cherie DeVille gets caught and dominated by mistress Dani. To teach her a lesson, Daniels whips her ass red and fucks her hard. Will Cherie actually learn something out of this? Or maybe she just enjoys being a sub and she’ll soon do it again, only to get Dani’s attention. In hopes she’ll be a touch bit rougher with her next time.

Horny minge munching lesbians Raven Rockette and Chloe Amour eat pussy pudding – PornTube.com
OK to be honest, when a new year starts and especially if it’s cold and winter-ish outside, I get envious of those living in summer-all-year-long parts of the world. This said, let’s indulge ourselves with a summer-ish lesbian porn scene featuring stunning women Chloe Amour and Raven Rockette. Man, I think I need to take a shower now!