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After a year of dating, Megan Rain and her boyfriend have gone on their first vacation to California. The truth is, David is cool and everything, it’s just that when it comes to sex he can not satisfy her. They are doing it the same way for all this time, what started to bore Megan.
One day he gets heavily drunk and leaves Megan Rain alone for the day. Being slightly tipsy, Megan heads outside by the pool where she ends up talking to Christian Clay and Mick Blue. She finds both hot and sexy and decides to go with the flow. One of them starts touching her and since she can not hold herself back, the whole talking and touching thing soon transforms into a sexy encounter.

Blue eyed Megan Rain enjoys a DP treatment.

Megan never cheated on her boyfriend, but with opportunity like this one she couldn’t do nothing about it. Before she knows it, Megan finds herself in one of their rooms, on her knees, blowing their cocks. If sex with her boyfriend David is boring, she knows no such thing will happen with Clay and Mick.
Gagging on her both penises and treating them just right, Megan Rain lets herself loose and offers them her muff to get it stuffed properly. Little she knows, Clay and Mick do not want only her puss. They crave her ass as well. This said, while she enjoys the ride on Mick Blue’s hard, Clay strikes her from behind and starts rubbing her anal walls with his sword. She has both of their dicks inside her, doing her and satisfying her fantasies. Rain has not feel so good for a long time.
Pounding Megan Rain hard both at the same time, they make her start go louder and louder. She can not stay silent even if she knows her boyfriend may hear her. After a dreamy double penetration, Megan gets on her knees and receives a double dose of cum all over her face.