#5 – Kayden and her very awkward massage – PornTube.com
Ever been in a situation when things got slightly awkward at your massage studio? You did not know whether you got propositioned or rejected. Come on, don’t be shy, you know exactly what we are talking about. Still, it might be that you don’t get a massage very often (or haven’t received a professional one yet) and it never happened to you. I feel you.

Don’t fuck it up when masseuse proposes to massage your other side. Go with the flow.

This said, in the fifth episode of PornSoup series, Kayden Kross tells Manuel Ferrara about the awkward massage she once received at this Korean spa place. Or maybe it was just that she fucked up the biggest opportunity in her life.
Anyway, there she is, naked, lying on the massage table, getting the whole length of her body rubbed by this sexy, yet angry, Korean masseuse. After 45 minutes go by masseuse says, “10 minutes left. Do you want me to keep going or turn around so I can massage something else.” “What do you massage if I turn over,” asks Kayden. WRONG Q, Kross! Whatever the hell she meant by it, curious Kayden still gives it a go, tries to turn over but too late. She won’t let her – the opportunity is lost now. Damn, Kayden!
Unfortunately, Kayden is not as lucky as Manuel is. His masseuse does not ask him mysterious questions. “It’s like mine when she asks me to turn around to massage my balls.” Oh wait, did Kross even know Manuel gets his balls massaged during their Korean spa sessions? Oops!

Lesson learned: whenever your masseuse (or masseur) proposes something, just keep your mouth shut and do what she says. Obey her like a little puppy and hope for the best. You know, maybe for some down under rubbing or whatever.
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