Who better to ask either squirt is pee or not than pornstars, right? But the thing is, will the ages long myth finally be broken? Will experienced ladies like Anikka Albrite, Jenna J Ross, Veruca James, April O’Neil and others reveal the secrets behind squirting? Not all are squirters and not all actually think squirt is pee. This said, you will, yet again, be left in doubts. And I thought all pornstars will provide the same answer, damn it!
Let’s take a peek at what adult film actresses think about female ejaculation in another edition of “Ask A Pornstar” series by WoodRocket.
April O’Neil says, “I don’t know, I don’t care. Whatever makes you feel good and if that happens when you orgasm and it makes you feel better, fucking go for it.”
Rain DeGrey believes it is not pee and she’s happy to tell why so. She thinks it comes from the same area that pee does. “However, I’ve drunk pee and I’ve drunk squirt and they are completely different.”
It’s a no for Ela Darling. “It is different. It comes from the skin gland and something else.”
Kimberly Kane doesn’t fucking believe it. She doesn’t do it and, again, she just doesn’t [fucking] believe it. “We can’t distribute piss videos, but we can distribute squirt videos.”
The multi squirter babe, Sheridan Love, guarantees you it is not pee. “I make sure I empty my bladder before I ever think about this.”
Sometimes it can be pee and sometimes it can not be pee, says Anikka Albrite. “If something hits the G-spot enough times, it builds up and builds up and that’s what squirt is. I’ve had one of those before (one!) and I didn’t even know what happened.”
Lily Lane: “I honestly think it is, because that’s what I do. I just piss myself and all over the bed.”
Leya Falcon is not sure, all she knows is when it happens, it feels really good.
Jenna J Ross is very confident about her believe that it is not pee. “Everybody thinks it is but it’s not. There’s a distinct difference between squirt and pee.” According to Jenna, the first tastes like sugar water. On the other hand, Gabriela Paltrova describes it as a mixture of both.
Violet Monroe does not complicate: “I think so but I don’t care. You could pee on me if you’re cool.”