Are you a true Star Wars fan and you passionately collect everything movie related? Then you are in for a treat you probably did not know existed. The Star Wars Kamasutra book. You read that correct. As silly and funny, yet a joke, as it may sound, it’s as true as you and me. Apparently S. N. Herder always dreamed of watching Star Wars characters, drones and AT-AT’s in (traditional) sex positions (fucking). No material of such kind available, Herder decided to put his SW toys to use and create a Star Wars Kamasutra book. A guide to kamasutra every true fan needs in his or hers life.
Herder describes the book being a parody of the characters in Star Wars universe. He adds, “A book with a slightly twisted sense of humor.” Moreover, he urges reader to not try any of the positions in the Star Wars Kamasutra book. Why the hell not? It’d be fun. Oh yeah, Herder says most of them are not physically achievable. I don’t know from what planet you come from, but how is a reverse cowgirl not achievable? Or a 69? And doggy? After giving all previews a thorough examination, I see all of the poses very realizable, what makes your statement very confusing. Whatever!

Step up your Star Wars game and learn sex positions with Star Wars Kamasutra book.

All the hype being made around the The Force Awakens, I finally managed to go and see the movie. Not really being a Star Wars maniac, the movie, in my eyes, was, in short, fine – loved the effects. The story? Well, it ends with questions. Lots of questions. Still, 2017 is far away and I’ll probably forget what was episode VII all about. Not that I really care.
Now let’s get back to the Star Wars Kamasutra book for a sec. Everyone interested can buy it on Amazon and in case of being too afraid of trying any of the poses, put your SW action figures to use.