You received enough action this week? You didn’t? Or you did but you need more? You insatiable little perv, lucky for you, you came to the right place to keep on indulging yourself with your favorite adult actresses.
This delicious Sunday Fapday treats you with flamingos (what?), lesbians, mouthwatering blowjobs and more. A lot more! And if these five dirty videos are still not enough for you (dude, you’r a real marathoner, huh?), feel free to head over to PornTube for loads of videos and a shit more fun.

1. Stunning Jenna Justice and a flamingo

Fun and frolics by the pool with Jenna Justice –
You know what, if pink color bothers your eyes, I hate to say it, but you should better skip this video. However, if pink is one of the colors you cannot live without (I hope it is!) then this video is perfect for you. Either way, I believe you should always A/B test your life to see what suits you and what not. It may happen that lovely babe Jenna Justice, her pink and her flamingo make you altogether start loving this bright color. If nothing else, you would at least get treated with a nice solo show.

2. Take a bath with lesbians, Abigail Mac and Natasha Voya

Bathtime Lesbians Abigail Mac and Natasha Voya –
Feeling stressed? Well, boss Abigail Mac sure is. Thankfully, Mac is in company of Natasha Voya who helps her rub that stress away with a nice, full body, bathtub massage. When it’s finally gone, and Abigail loosens up, it’s time for some lesbian action.
After a job well done by Natasha, stress will not get a chance of getting anywhere close to Abigail anymore.

3. Sensual blowjob by gorgeous redhead MILF

Redhead MILF Beautiful Blowjob –
Guys, if you happen to be one of the lucky ones who receive such sensual blowjob, this beautiful redhead MILF performs in the video above, on a regular basis, I’m sure your are all as healthy as a fish. No need to see the doctor since all the bad bacteria is sucked out of you and instantly killed by love and passion.

4. Ava Addams sports a young cock on the floor

Ava Addams fucked hard on the floor –
With a body like that, MILF Ava Addams sure deserves a fresh, young cock anytime she craves it. I mean, if you are struggling getting one, hit me up, I’ll give you my number and whenever there’s the need, call me and I’ll be at your place in no time. Seriously, I could be your go to dude and I wouldn’t even charge you. How cool am I?

5. Wise move there, you sexy real estate agent!

PropertySex Busty real estate agent uses sex to sell –
A dedicated real estate agent is about to do nearly anything to seal the deal. In this case, this sexy and busty agent of insanely gorgeous eyes offers her client a blowjob if he signs the paper. Well, what do you think? Is this wise move enough for her to sell the property? Oh wait, is blowjob really the only thing she offers him to convince him? Not really.