This one day Bonnie Rotten spent some quality time in Manhattan shooting photos for Inked Magazine. Since the sun wash shinning and she was feeling really awesome, she decided to surprise the Manhattan people and its tourists. How, you ask? Easy. She took a walk around the place, jogging with random strangers and hugging Asian tourists. Wait, something is missing… Oh yeah, she was topless, wearing only a nice tight pair of jeans. Yes, it is legal for women to go topless in New York. We all know Bonnie Rotten, she goes all in when it comes to pornography, being a really hard working girl. No wonder why she was crowned 2014 AVN Performer Of The Year. This being said, she did not have much problems being naked surrounded by horny strangers taking close ups of her nipples. Completely opposite. She was enjoying it to the fullest, walking around with a big smile on her face. She and this random dude even did a double flash behind the table. Would you do it? And that guy on train, I don’t even know what to say other than, thanks guy, you made me laugh really hard. Like the TMZ guy’s reaction, it’s hilarious.
But the one thing I need to mention specifically is the commentator. Working for TMZ and you say, “This girl, Bonnie Rotten.” Come one man, it sounded like you don’t know who she is (was). You can’t say it like that. You just can’t.

Can’t go without a few comments from the webz:
– “Amazing actress. Her work is phenomANAL!”
– “Ummm, what if children saw her??”
– “Wish I was there.” Me too!
– “So they can do this but I can’t go around town with my dick and balls hanging out, WTF”.
– “I’ve seen that girl do some fucked up stuff. Its weird seeing her without something crammed down her throat.”

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