Do you happen to be one of the lucky people who already experienced hot amateur lesbians performing a live show on a train? Or any other public transportation? If so then, well, LUCKY YOU! I have not. As a matter of fact, I am not really using public transportation much, I rather go from point A to point B on foot or with my bicycle. You know, healthy living and stuff.

Anyhow, this blessed dude caught two hot amateur lesbians on train in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia and, though it’s short, it’s quite a show. What’s especially important – these babes actually really are HOT. I bet watching two ladies of such caliber doing some naughty stuff on public transportation does not happen ever day. What I read on the world wide web, live dirty shows normally aren’t really appealing to the eye and are more or less only dirty. But oh no, not this one. I mean, this is nearly fappig material. And if babes would invite the dude over, after they become aware he’s filming them, man, that would be a real PORNO. Real amateur porno, to be specific. However, babes look more or less offended after seeing this guy with a camera, taping them.

What would you do if you’d see two hot amateur lesbians on train pleasing each other?

Me: I am a shy person. I would only sit there and enjoy the show and probably wouldn’t have thought to even put out my smartphone and record their performance. You know, for even more fun when back home.
My last words: I wish all of you get to experience a live show performed by hot amateur lesbians (at least) once in your lifetime. Make sure you inform me when that happens!

A few comments from the webz:
– “I thought hot lesbians exist only in movies? YAAAY. I was wrong.” Response: “Haha same here man. The ones I see are always big, fat, ugly & hairier than me, LOL.”
– “LOL, as soon as they looked over at me I would have asked, ‘Can I go next?'”
– “Can someone please hold my camera – I’m going in.”