The donut expert, author, Charlie Sheen’s ex fiancée, for some better known as Scottine Sheen, pornstar Brett Rossi’s the next on our “10 Things From The Twitosphere” list. You know how much fun it is stalking other social media profiles, especially if it’s of hot adult actress who’s active and entertains her fans on a daily basis.
Rossi is a great example of a lady with quite a rich life. There’s constantly something going on, except when she’s sick. Even on sick days, television show marathons are ON! Believe me, you’ll know about it.
In short, she’s fun, meaning, it was my pleasure reading her countless tweets.

Brett is a dog person, loves horses, keeps that slim and tight body in shape by regularly going to the gym and, again, SHE LOVES DONUTS! Don’t hesitate and buy her a pack, if you spot her on the street.
Moreover, stunning blonde pornstar Brett Rossi just announced on her official website, Brett Rossi’s Lemonade, that she will be writing weekly column for Thrillist. You guessed it what topic she’ll be covering, Sex and Dating. Duh!
Back in 2013, pornstar Brett Rossi retired from pornography due to finishing her degree in nursing. However, we are all happy and excited to have her back in the game. It was just recently when Brett signed a boy-girl contract with TrenchcoatX. Furthermore, Rossi stated that she has a long-term adult entertainment career in mind. EXCELLENT. The first scenes (movie title “Brett Rossi Is Delicious“) should be available very soon, exclusively through TrenchcoatX.

There is no secret, Brett Rossi is a girl of many talents. This said, go ahead, follow her on Instagram and Twitter and stay up to date with her upcoming scenes, selfies, hot shots and a shit load more.

See pornstar Brett Rossi’s list of 10 from Twitter below

1. Brett has a good question for you guys: “If someone in front of you has 50 items in their cart & you are standing in the “15 items or less” lane, would you say something to the person?” Me: Not really.
2. Want to know what device Brett uses for finding furniture in a dark room? “Shin bone.”
3. Apparently pornstar Brett Rossi likes spending time in the princess section of the toy department. No biggie!
4. “Don’t comment on other people’s situations unless you know ALL the TRUE facts & details. Otherwise, sit down & shut up because you look like a fool.” True!
5. Brett’s super simple idea for a party night: “Me, myself and I. Learn to enjoy your own company, read a book.”
6. Get off your phones and pay attention to the road while driving: “Today I witnessed a lady blow through a stop sign & smash into a PARKED dump truck because she’s too busy looking down at her phone.”
7. What’s on pornstar Brett Rossi’s morning menu? Coffee and donuts.
8. When Rossi has a good hair day, this is how she looks like:
stunning-blonde-adult-actress-brett-rossi STUNNING!
9. Oh yes, Brett ice skates!
10. Closing words: “I love the person I’ve become because I fought really hard to become her.” SALUTE!