You know how they eat cock, pussy and stinky, but have you ever wondered how pornstars eat their food? Do they apply their extraordinary skills to (fine) dining as well? Do they deepthroat a sausage just like they do a nice, meaty dick? If so, man, I know I’d be taking them to 0.99$ hot dog stands all day, every day! You know it would give you a tingling sensation, seeing that delicious wiener disappear in no time. And when it’d be gone, you’d rush buying another one.

Learn how pornstars dine with Sara Jay. Next time, oysters!

Anyway, if this is something you were questioning yourself all this time, you came to the right place. The wonder is no more. Thanks to mastermind, Sara Jay, she demonstrates how adult film actresses eat their food in the video above. How? That is silly of you to even ask, with passion, of course! GREAT PASSION.
However, the styles of dining Sara Jay practices are different than you may have thought (OBVIOUSLY!). Needless to say, Jay uses sausages to show the way how pornstars eat their food. DP? POV style? Bondage? Gangbang? You name it, Sara goes through all of them and does an outstanding job. Hey Jay, I’m missing oysters in this “fine pornstar dining.” Maybe just an idea for one of your next parodies, to show us how pornstars eat the other party. Believe me, we all sure are interested in seeing how to eat an oyster.
All right, joke aside, this is a parody of Mister Epic Mann’s “How Animals Eat Their Food.” I don’t know which one is more ridiculously funny, the original or Sara’s version, but I’d probably go with “How Pornstars Eat Their Food,” just because.

A few comments from the webz:
– “Sara is passionate.”
– “The answer: They swallow.”
– “Hilarious but that deep throat was very nice!”

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